depuis l'automne

so, a quick question for folks in the brandeis tags: 

i was waitlisted. that said, i really, really like brandeis university and would love to go there. so i was wondering what the likelihood is of getting accepted off the waitlist, because it’s definitely in my top three.

anyway. to be redundant: how common is it to be accepted off the waitlist, at least at brandeis?

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  1. stars-up-on-heavens-boulevard answered: I was accepted off the waitlist! It was the greatest day of my life. So it DOES HAPPEN.
  2. nouveau-brut answered: Yep, definitely write them.
  3. arthoniel answered: I got accepted off of the wait list! Just send them a letter basically saying “IF YOU ACCEPT ME I WILL COME I PROMISE” and see what happens!
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