depuis l'automne

things to remember:

  1. you are a person worthy of love. never forget this. 
  2. you must not define yourself by one thing. you are your own.
  3. as long as you are willing to reflect, to change, to grow, to improve—you have the potential to be an amazing person.
  4. it’s okay to be bad at things. it’s okay if you’re not a prodigy. you can be a super-skilled polymath and be downright miserable.
  5. relapse is a part of recovery. it hurts when it happens, but it’s not automatically a sign that you’re going into a downward spiral all over again. accept that some things will not happen overnight. few things will. and it’s okay if you’ve had some bumps in the road. because while certain things cannot be recovered, there is always a way to make it better.
  6. you cannot gain true happiness from a single thing or person. that thing or person can always change, can always be messed up. it may seem to help in the short run, but ultimately you’ll become dependent on one thing. and you won’t be gaining your own internal happiness.
  7. learn to recognize your emotions and work through them, rather than pushing them away. realize that they are very valid and very real, and also that they do not define you. it’s okay to feel a certain way—what matters is how you respond to it, whether you act on it, and how you learn from it.
  8. all things must pass. just because you feel horrible now doesn’t mean you’ll never be happy again. just because you wake up in a bad mood doesn’t guarantee a terrible day.
  9. pick your battles. not everything—and not everyone—is worth the stress.
  10. take care of yourself.

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